Chatterbox the Clown

The story of this clown begins with my typical words “I had planned this toy for a long time, but never found time for it…”. But it`s so true! However, there is one other thing – I didn`t have the complete vision of how my clown should look like. That holded me back for a long time. In March I finally decided to start with it. I had finished two teddy bears and needed to do something completely different. I have experienced that you always don`t need a plan, good things might happen when you just let go. I think it worked this time too.


I have made several human figure dolls – girls, boys and babies. The clown is also a doll, but a very special one. It gives a completely new dimension to my doll collection.

I wanted to keep my clown happy, colorful, friendly and not too grotesque. Perhaps you`ve noticed that some clowns are even scary, especially for children. Well, I didn`t want that to happen to my clown.

It`s always good to see my own kids reaction to my new designs. They welcomed Chatterbox and truly seem to like him. Questions like “Whom did you make it for?” are always a good sign :)

This clown is one of my biggest toys. His is about 47 cm which is about 18.5 inches.

When I started taking photos of him I discovered he could stand all by himself. Of course finding the balance needs a little bit patience, but still… Otherwise the photographing part didn`t go that well. I apologize that the pictures are not that attractive. I find him lovelier then it shows on the photos.

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