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“Cuddly Amigurumi Toys” – new pattern book

cuddly amigurumi toys book

I feel super happy to write this post and tell you all that my second pattern book called “Cuddly Amigurumi Toys” is published in English and Dutch (“Betoverende Amigurumiknuffels 2”).

The book is available in PDF format, but a hardcover printed version can be purchased on Amazon on these days. The Dutch book can be found here.

This new book contains many brand new designs which you will find nowhere else. The concept was to design only animals and in the best size for a toddler to cuddle. There are a couple of toys designed for my own kids which are their new favourites – like the rat I made for my daughter Linda, the dragon designed for my son Paul and the horse made for my niece Johanna. But there`s a lot more.

In this book you`ll find 15 new irresistible animals. Some of them you may already know, like Dreamy Doris, Teddy Theodor, Puppy Paul, Lars the Dragon and Klaus the Bashful Bunny.

But there is so much more I haven`t shown you, just to keep the secret :) For “Cuddly Amigurumi Toys” I´ve designed 10 brand new toys! For example a cute couple of Candy-colored Mia and Sim the Zebra – 2 different versions of one model.

Fluffy Sheep, Karl Fisherman and the small whimsical fish, Teele the Elephant and Pretty Rita.

Sleepy Owl, Neat Little Nelli the Rat, Sparkle the Reindeer and probably the most complex pattern of the entire book – Starry-eyed Sara.

For me compiling the book is a different kind of a challenge. Yes, it means writing a lot of patterns, which I usually do as well, but also creating the whole and seeing it all coming together. I think that`s the most exciting part for me.

I want to thank Amigurumipatterns for believing in me once again.

I want to thank the photographer and my trusted advisor Annika Metsla. I want to thank the layout designer Päivi Palts without whom the book wouldn`t look the same.

I also want to thank all those crochet ladies who helped testing the English and Dutch patterns. You are all wonderful!

I hope this book brings a lot of crochet joy to you and lots of playing fun for your kids!

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