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How to avoid floppy head in amigurumi?

Have you crocheted a toy and realized although you made everything as described the head is drooping and the toy doesn`t look as nice as it should? This amigurumi tutorial is about how to avoid the toys head becoming floppy. Well, actually it`s not a tutorial, it`s only a small tip. Something you could try and find useful. I´ve been using it for a long time and it works great for me. Here it comes.

1. Fill the head and body firmly.

It`s enough of the stuffing when the piece is still resilient and springs back into shape after you compress it with fingers. Neither does it tear up the stitches so the stuffing would become noticeable.

2. Start sewing the head and body together and finish about 2/3 of the seam.

3. Add some additional stuffing between the head and the body. This way the two pieces will not be separate anymore, instead they become one whole.

4. Finish the seam and your done.
It couldn`t be any simpler! I hope you`ll find the tip useful.

On the last photo you`ll see my finished teddy bear. I call it Tummy Teddy.

10 thoughts on “How to avoid floppy head in amigurumi?

  1. Marcia says:

    I wish I had this wonderful tip last Easter. My first amigurumi, a floppy eared bunny with a floppy head. Do you think I could repair it? Take it apart?

    • lilleliis says:

      Absolutely! You only need to take the head apart from the body. And when you`ve tried repairing your bunny, please let me know how it went.

  2. Valchera says:

    I’ve used this tip and it’s really effective. Thank you for bringing it to everyone’s notice.

  3. margaret mcphail says:

    That’s a good tip and I will be using it shortlybi have just started doing amaguri toys and love it thank you for the tip

  4. clara says:

    thank you,do you have a tutorial to change colors?when i change it´s sees an step beetween the old and the new color

    • lilleliis says:

      Thanks, it`s a good idea :) I can already tell you that you need to change the color in the end of the last stitch of the previous round. Then you can start the new round with the new color.

    • Dorothy Greene says:

      When you change colors use the new color when you pull through the previous stitches so the new color will be the one stitch that is on your hook when you “start” the next stitch.

  5. Margaretanne says:

    Thanks a million I have made so many and the head always drooping. This time I will take the tip given by you. Thanks again.


  6. Caryn Owens says:

    Thank you for the tip! I’ve just started making mermaid dolls and have been having trouble with this.

  7. LindY G Sherrod says:

    Great “tip” I am Pinning and passing it on. Thank you very much, I love crocheting amigurumi.
    Sister From the South,
    LindY G

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