Collar scarf


Comfortable collar scarf for kids in the age of 3-7. Made using the softest merino wool.


This dinosaur is made especially for little boys. It has awesome mouth and huge teeth, but he still is friendly and doesn`t bite anyone! He has cute colorful spots covering his body. Unique author piece!


This little dragon is another toy created for my own son when he was just 4. It has been his very favourite since then. It`s in the perfect size for a toddler. Coolest details like the wings and bony plates on his back would make any boys smile. Dragon`s curved mouth is my kids favourite, because that`s where he spurts the fire of course!

Amigurumi patterns

Lazybones bear – pdf pattern


I call this a one evening teddy bear. It`s so easy and fun to make. The body works up in one piece starting with the legs and ending with the ears, so it`s perfectly suitable for those who doesn`t like joining the pieces. With his worried face and cute striped sweater Lazybones bear probably melts anyones heart.


Long-ear Rabbit is a gleeful bunny – the best companion for little boys to travel through their childhood. He`s wearing a striped sweater and non-removable trousers with suspenders. Ears covered with fabric make him really special.  

Amigurumi patterns

Mister Bunny – pdf pattern


Mister Bunny is a true gentleman - handsome and polite. He is wearing a white shirt with buttons, overalls and a solid hat. A tie around his neck give him the final polished look. Mister Bunny has a friend Miss Bunny (pattern sold separately).


Prince the Frog is a true fairy tale hero, admired by all the little girls and boys. Made using soft mixtures of cotton. Suitable for babies as well. Unique author piece!


Puppy dog


This cute puppy dog is made using soft woollen yarn. His feet are covered with lovely polka-dotted fabric. Puppy is in sitting position.


Rudy the Redhead is a nifty little guy. He likes to play around, run and jump. He breaks hearts with his carrot red head and deep blue eyes. Rudy is wearing a striped blouse, brace pants and sandals. His clothes and shoes are not removable.  



Super cat hat

15.00 8.33

Warm and cosy super cat hat for toddlers (age 5-7). Made using bulky yarn mainly consisting of natural lambs and alpaca wool. Child-friendly snap closure.


This is a pattern for crocheting an awesome superstar microphone in amigurumi style. It is a fun toy for children who love music and singing. A wonderful gift idea! This quick and easy pattern is suitable from beginners level.  


This teddy bear is made using the softest merino wool. His tummy is embellished with a sweet polka dot fabric. He is wearing a removable scarf.