Beautiful doves for decorating the Christmas tree or home at Easter time. Fabric imitating wings. Minimalist design, modern colors. Listing includes 2 doves in a lime green gift box.


Christmas tree garland pattern is actually much more then it says. It`s so versatile and gives a lot of space for creativity. In this pattern you will get tree instructions with 3 different ideas of assembling. The garland can be used as a decoration on walls, shelves etc. The tree motif can be used separately as a tree ornament or in gift wrapping. Let your imagination guide you!


Beautiful sparkling doves for decorating the Christmas tree. Minimalist design, classical colors. Listing includes 2 doves. 100 % handmade and stitched. No glue!


Beautiful rustic doves for decorating the Christmas tree. Fabric imitating wings. Minimalist design. Listing includes 2 doves. Please include your choice of fabric in the notes: polka dot (2 pcs), starlet (2 pcs), flower (2 pcs)