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Penguin pattern is released

I have completed my penguin design and the pattern is available now!!! Feel really happy of how he turned out. Especially the flippers, which was kind of a challenge and the striped wrap-around-the-neck hat which was simply a brilliant idea that popped into my head as out of nowhere :) Hope you enjoy the pattern! Read More

Fascinated by foxes

crochet fox purse for girls
I made this fox purse as a gift for my niece Johanna, who just celebrated her 6th birthday. She has always been a huge inspiration for me. I think it was only the second purse I´ve ever made and Read More

2nd Advent – Christmas teddy + elf hat pattern

Hi again!

So, you already noticed I am late with my post, because I promised to share it on every Advent. I appologise for that. Actually I wanted to show you something else I`ve made, but since I couldn`t manage to take photos of it, I decided to change the plans. We are having this awful dark period of the year. We only have about 6 hours of daylight in a day and only 2 hours when you can actually take photos inside the room. I finished my project which was meant for the 2nd Advent on Friday, so I was just on time, but… Since I was away from home on Saturday and Sunday I couldn`t photograph it. You will see it on next Sunday, I promise.

So, here is my project for the 2nd Advent – Christmas teddy bear.

Read More

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