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Preparations before Christmas


In Estonia we have a tradition of bringing a real and natural Christmas tree in our homes at Christmas time. I accidentally happened to find some very nice self-made Christmas decorations on the internet, so I got inspired and decided to make some Christmas balls myself. Read More

Paperdoll like angel


After designing 15 new animals for my new book I am longing for making some dolls. Here is my latest project. I thought it would be small and easy, but it wasn`t. After three failures I finally succeeded with the fourth one. She is perfect to me! Read More

Jester the Christmas gnome

Meet Jester the Christmas gnome. This new doll design was so much fun to make. Enjoyed it from the first stitch till the last one!

Again I used some inspiration of Waldorf dolls which I adore so much. I was especially happy with how the body and legs worked out. The sweet little boots and those weird shaped pants – I love them! However, my daughter said his ears are most lovable ones :)

You will find the pattern in my shop – JESTER THE CHRISTMAS GNOME

3rd Advent – Christmas angel

Today I will show you the little angel doll. She is my 3rd week Christmas project. First I draw the picture above and then started making it. I am awful in drawing, but sometimes it is essential to have the idea in front of your eyes. Read More

2nd Advent – Christmas teddy + elf hat pattern

Hi again!

So, you already noticed I am late with my post, because I promised to share it on every Advent. I appologise for that. Actually I wanted to show you something else I`ve made, but since I couldn`t manage to take photos of it, I decided to change the plans. We are having this awful dark period of the year. We only have about 6 hours of daylight in a day and only 2 hours when you can actually take photos inside the room. I finished my project which was meant for the 2nd Advent on Friday, so I was just on time, but… Since I was away from home on Saturday and Sunday I couldn`t photograph it. You will see it on next Sunday, I promise.

So, here is my project for the 2nd Advent – Christmas teddy bear.

Read More

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