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Polka-dot bunnies

Back in March I published my “Candy Bunny” pattern. It was a true burst of inspiration, very different from the other designs of mine. I promised to show you my first experiments of the bunnies, so here they are! Read More

Easter fun with natural egg dye

Today I want to share with you an experiment of natural egg dye with red cabbage. I was searching for a way of natural egg coloring and found so many awesome ideas and tutorials on the internet. There are different techniques available, but I wanted to keep it simple and Read More

New bunny design

Please meet Candy bunny! My new and sweet Easter inspired amigurumi design.

The story of this bunny actually started several months ago. As it sometimes happens, you have an idea but you loose the connection with it when you start bringing it into life. The same happened to me. Read More

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