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Amigurumi basics – single crochet decrease techniques

Lately I was asked how my decrease stitches look so smooth and unnoticeable. So I decided to talk about decreasing single crochet stitches. It`s an amigurumi basic technique which you will need almost all the time. I use two different methods, from which the invisible decrease is my absolute favourite. For those who love to make toys I highly recommend to learn it. You will achieve a lot better quality and you`re toys will look much better! Read More

How to stitch a mouth to your amigurumi doll?

I am going to show you how to stitch a smiley face to your amigurumi doll or animal or any other creature. There are different ways of doing that and none of them are right or wrong. Here is my version.

Supplies you`ll need:

  • An embroidery needle
  • Some thread or yarn. I like to use crochet cotton, for example “Pearl Cotton” by Anchor.

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Felix the Frog pattern in Dutch

I have some good news about Felix the Frog pattern. This week it was published in Estonian magazine Naisteleht. As you can see I got a pretty picture of it with my son Paul. The photo was taken by Annika Metsla, the same lady who photographed my entire book recently.

But there is another good thing about the pattern. Loele from the Netherlands has made a translation of it, so the pattern is now available in Dutch as well. And of cours it`s available for free. Click here for more.



Felix the Frog

I made this simple frog in the previous year. First I had a bigger plan with this model. I had an idea of several different characters based on one model. I even made some experiments, but… As it sometimes is in life, you loose interest in things or you find other things that attract you more. However, I still loved the frog and thought it would be a simple and fun pattern to share with you for free!

So, as I said it is very simple to make. The pattern only uses single crochet stitch. And another great thing about this toy is that you don`t need safety eyes. It`s made without any stiff parts, very soft and baby safe. I named him Felix the Frog.

Click here to open the FREE PATTERN.

2nd Advent – Christmas teddy + elf hat pattern

Hi again!

So, you already noticed I am late with my post, because I promised to share it on every Advent. I appologise for that. Actually I wanted to show you something else I`ve made, but since I couldn`t manage to take photos of it, I decided to change the plans. We are having this awful dark period of the year. We only have about 6 hours of daylight in a day and only 2 hours when you can actually take photos inside the room. I finished my project which was meant for the 2nd Advent on Friday, so I was just on time, but… Since I was away from home on Saturday and Sunday I couldn`t photograph it. You will see it on next Sunday, I promise.

So, here is my project for the 2nd Advent – Christmas teddy bear.

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