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Toys with clothes

Jester the Christmas gnome

Meet Jester the Christmas gnome. This new doll design was so much fun to make. Enjoyed it from the first stitch till the last one!

Again I used some inspiration of Waldorf dolls which I adore so much. I was especially happy with how the body and legs worked out. The sweet little boots and those weird shaped pants – I love them! However, my daughter said his ears are most lovable ones :)

You will find the pattern in my shop – JESTER THE CHRISTMAS GNOME

Pajamas teddy pattern

Lately I published the pattern of one of my favourite toys of all – Pajamas teddy. It`s such a sweet present for newborn and babies. A little fellow sitting on the bed or on the shelf, watching the baby sleep. He is wearing a cute striped pajamas and a flabby nightcap.

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The clown can be a girl too!

I will have to start with saying that after the TV clip my Chatterbox the Clown became unexpectedly popular. Many people saw him there in the swinger and asked if there is a pattern written of him. Also there was a lady who contacted me a few days after the broadcast and said she wants to buy the clown for her son. And, she wants one more for her daughter but that should be a girl clown. Well that sounded interesting. For me the clown is a boy and at first I coudn`t imagine how I could turn it into a girl. I worked the entire week and ended up with Gambol the Clown. Read More

Chatterbox the Clown

The story of this clown begins with my typical words “I had planned this toy for a long time, but never found time for it…”. But it`s so true! However, there is one other thing – I didn`t have the complete vision of how my clown should look like. That holded me back for a long time. In March I finally decided to start with it. I had finished two teddy bears and needed to do something completely different. I have experienced that you always don`t need a plan, good things might happen when you just let go. I think it worked this time too. Read More

Anita doll finally became a pattern

In the end of 2013 I started working on Anita doll pattern. Actually there was an Estonian woman, who wanted to order this doll and she was willing to wait about 9 month until I finally had time to work on it. So I thought I`d use this situation and create the pattern as well. Read More

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