Due to the current circumstances in the world, a lot of people are forced to stay at home. This can become stressful and annoying. However, I believe we as crocheters are super lucky to have a relaxing hobby we can do at home.

To help you keep yourself sane and entertained through these rough times, I´m putting a 60% discount on 4 patterns every week until May 24!

This means that over the next 9 weeks, a total of 36 patterns will be discounted. Make sure to visit this page weekly starting from March 23, 2020, to never miss new discounts. The discounts will only last for 7 days each, after which they`ll be replaced with the next 4 discounts.


The more busy your hands are, the less time you have for worrying!

I am Mari-Liis – an amigurumi enthusiast of more than 10 years, an author of 3 internationally published amigurumi books, a creator of tens of original patterns and crochet tutorials that have been completed by tens of thousands of people.

Ten years ago when I started with amigurumi it helped me overcome the stress of being a stay-at-home mom for 3 kids. I´ve felt the relaxation and joy amigurumi can bring! On tougher days it was my sunshine. Now I’m on a mission to make your life a little more joyous through the power of amigurumi.