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Meet Martin the Light-hearted snowman. With his open heart and sincere smile he wants to fill everyones heart with warmth and kindness. Martin is a lifelike snowman with charcoal buttons, branches as arms and an old bucket like hat. Pattern in English, German and Dutch.


Todo the teddy is wearing a cozy bear costume and a warm scarf embellished with two huge pompoms. Hand stitched hair, blushed cheeks and details of cotton fabric make it irresistably sweet. It`s hard to tell whether it`s a boy or a girl, but to be honest, that doesn`t make any difference!


Beautiful headband with a huge rose is a nice accessory in little girls wardrobe. Wear it on parties, everyday or even for photographing. You can use a large variety of colors to create stunning results. Matching with the rest of the outfit is a piece if cake by simply choosing the right colors! The rose can be used separately as well - as a brooch, on a hat or bag, home decoration etc.


Crochet yourself a super cute bird rattle. It works up quicly and is definitely a hit among babies and their parents! The little amigurumi bird is sitting on a wooden ring which reminds of a branch of a tree. It`s easy to grab the rattle from the ring. The bird is embellished with many cute details like stitches on the belly, crest on the top of the head and a little flower. Pattern in English, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese.


Blueberry doll is a great gift for a baby born in the summer! He is wearing a cute blueberry hat and sweater. He has green eyes and hand stitched hair. Super soft and unique handmade doll.


Strawberry doll is a great gift for a baby born in the summer! He is wearing a cute strawberry hat and sweater. He has hand painted eyes and hand stitched hair. Super soft and unique handmade doll.


Look at this Almighty robot! It`s a perfect gift for little boys. He is a true hero with huge muscles, robust face and of course all kinds of super powers. Flexible limbs make it fun to play with. Crocheted with smooth and soft mixtures of cotton.


Little ballerina-bunny is a sweet little toy to make. She wears a ruffled skirt and tiny ballerina slippers. Her ears are covered with lovely patches of fabric. I´ve used plastic pearls that are safely crocheted into the surface, but according to your wish you may replace them with safety eyes.  


Woof the Dog is an extremely friendly and lovable puppy. He has big ears, cute muzzle and hand stitched eye patch. He looks great with or without clothes. The dog itself works up using only single crochet, for the vest you`ll need half double crochet as well. You can use the removable vest for other toys and dolls too. Pattern in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch.


Super-fast and easy to make pacifier rattle makes a lovely gift for babies and newborn. Everything we make by hand is full of warmth and positive energy and this is what babies need the most.  


Rudy the Redhead is a nifty little guy. He likes to play around, run and jump. He breaks hearts with his carrot red head and deep blue eyes. Rudy is wearing a striped blouse, brace pants and sandals. His clothes and shoes are not removable. Pattern in English and Danish.


Cloudy day bunny is colorful and soft. Lovely details of polka dot fabric make it a real eye-catcher. The bunny has long feet and it sits nicely. Great for both playing and cuddling. Made with 100% natural wool.