How to order custom-made item?

I do like customer orders, and I try to fulfill as many as I possibly can.

When applying for a custom-made item, you need to consider the waiting time which depends on the amount of work I have at that moment, usually 2-5 weeks. Shipping international orders takes some extra weeks (1-3 weeks depending on the destination).

If you wish to order a special item you should consider the following:
– making author pieces is a time-consuming project for which I only have a limited amount of time,
– custom-made orders are more expensive than the toys prepared for sale.

Send an e-mail to so we can discuss all the relevant details (the possibility to implement your order, time schedule, price etc).

Safety and maintenance of handmade toys

My toys are handmade and therefore do not meet any security requirements or standards. These toys are made with love, all tiny details are fastened with care. Thanks to the small parts (safety eyes, buttons, ribbons) you have be careful when giving the toy to a little child and not leave them playing unattended.

I recommend handwash for handmade toys, since then the yarn retains the best qualities. Use warm water and only a small amount of detergent. Do not twist, just squeeze! Dry on a towel – depending on the yarn consistence and size of the toy, the final drying might take several days.

What are lilleliis patterns like?

Lilleliis patterns are thorough step-by-step tutorials with several photos to make it as easy and pleasant as possible when working with the pattern. It takes weeks to compile the text, take photos, remove any mistakes and give the pattern to test by other crocheters, to make sure it all works smoothly.
Lilleliis patterns have thousands of fans around the world and have received a lot of positive feedback.

My patterns are divided into three skill levels:
easy – patterns for beginners. These patterns usually work up using only one crochet stitch, sewing the parts together is also easy.
intermediate – patterns for those who already have some previous experience. These patterns use different crochet stitches, sewing the parts together and giving the final finish might also be somewhat more complicated.
advanced – complicated projects that require expertise and patience. These patterns use a combination of several different crochet stitches and other more complex techniques.

Language of the patterns

All lilleliis patterns are written in English. However, many of them have translations to other languages too. The selection of patterns in each language is slightly different. Use the language filter on the left sidebar on the shop page to easily browse the patterns in your desired language.

You will be asked to choose the language before adding the product in the cart. After the purchase, you will receive the download link to the pattern in your chosen language.

I need help with the pattern

First you may want to check my Tips and Tutorials for many topics about amigurumi and crochet. Also you can find plenty of information on the internet about crochet techniques, stitches, yarn, hook sizes etc.

If this information is not what you are looking for, or you have a specific question about my pattern, you can contact me at If you do, please consider the following:

– I do not speak other languages than English, therefor I can give customer support only in this language,
– I always answer as soon as possible, but please be patient if I don`t do it immediately.

How to buy a printed pattern?

Unfortunately it`s not possible. All my patterns are downloadable, which means you`ll get an automatic download link instantly after completing the payment. According to your wish, you may download the pattern or print it out.

If you prefer patterns on paper, you can buy my books.

Do you have books?

Yes, you will find all information about my books here.

Do you have free patterns?

Yes, you`ll find them here.

May I translate or share your free pattern?

Translating free patterns is allowed only if we`ve agreed on it beforehand. Please conside the following:

  • the translations may only be published at my website. You are not allowed to share the translation anywhere else on the internet. You are allowed to share the link after the translation has been uploaded to my website.
  • I only accept high-quality translations that follow my original pattern. The file has to be sent in Word format to my email address.
  • You are allowed to add your personal details to the translation, like name and website if you want to promote it.

Where else can I buy your patterns?

Yes, you will find my patterns in other shops too. Here you go: