Since 2009 lilleliis company has been designing handmade toys and crochet patterns for moms to make unique toys for their own kids. Our toys are combining Japanese amigurumi technique with teddy bear tradition so popular in Europe. Bigger than the classical amigurumis, they still are very simple to make. Our toys are inspired by children and meant for playing.

Lilleliis toys are valuated by those who are seeking for unique handmade gifts

Lilleliis patterns have thousands of fans around the world. In spring 2014 Estonian publisher Varrak released Mari-Liis`s first book „Võluväega mänguasjad“ which has been a huge success. In 2016 released a slightly reduced version of it in English (“Magical Amigurumi Toys”) and Dutch, soon followed by translations to Spanish and Korean. In 2016 Mari-Liis already published a new book in her native language which was named “Kaisuloomakirg”. Keep your eyes open, because in 2018 there is an English version to come!

We`re glad if our toys bring smile to the kids faces and make their childhood sunny!

Mari-Liis Lille

Mari-Liis is the engine of the company – designer, photographer, sales manager etc. She is an educated pianist and a mother of three kids for whom making toys has become the greatest passion and self-realization.

Lilleliis craftsmen team consists of three more skillful ladies who help keeping those cute cuddly toys available in the shop.


Triin is our teddy bear expert, but she also makes adorable bunnies and mouses. For her making toys is a hobby next to her main job and family.


Piret is our newest team member, who has specialized on making mascot teddy bears of Estonian Children`s Foundation. Under the name of PILO she also designs crochet necklaces and accessories for lilleliis shop. She is a teacher at the kindergarten, crochet is just a hobby next to her main job and family.


Kaire is our best bunny, doll and mouse maker. For her making toys is a hobby next to her main job and family.