How to attach yarn into leftover front loops

In this crochet tutorial I am showing how to attach the yarn into leftover front [...]

Crochet cactus teethers

New crochet cactus teethers or baby rattles for the local flower shop here in Tallinn. [...]

Crochet garland bears and letters

Crochet garland with bears and letters was made for my nephew August for his first [...]

Catania and Ricorumi bunny – yarn comparison

I did a little yarn test comparing Schachenmayr Catania and Ricorumi DK on the same [...]

Amigurumi acorn rattles

Before and after the year change I worked on an amigurumi acorn. It was a [...]

My crochet year 2022

Happy New Year, dear crochet friends!!! Wishing you lots of happy crochet hours and many [...]


Christmas tree doll

Before Christmas I finished a new doll. Here she is – my Christmas tree doll. [...]

Crochet roses on a funeral wreath

Recently I received a customer order from a lady who wanted to have a funeral [...]

Amigurumi bird pattern

I feel so happy to announce my new amigurumi bird pattern is completed and available [...]

Crochet bird Great Tit

I made a new crochet bird with Christmas in mind. A great tit. Want to [...]

Amigurumi tiger toy

Here`s an amigurumi tiger toy made as a customer order. I was so happy to [...]


Yarn substitution

Today I want to talk about yarn substitution. It`s an important topic because there are [...]