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Catania and Ricorumi bunny – yarn comparison

I did a little yarn test comparing Schachenmayr Catania and Ricorumi DK on the same [...]

Amigurumi tiger toy

Here`s an amigurumi tiger toy made as a customer order. I was so happy to [...]


Amigurumi Easter bunny with a carrot

Here`s an amigurumi Easter bunny with a carrot. It`s made with my Candy Bunny pattern, [...]

Big amigurumi pig

Big amigurumi pig was designed for my book Cuddly Amigurumi Toys. Have you tried the [...]

Amigurumi panda

Here`s an amigurumi panda, finished back in January. I followed the bear pattern from my [...]

Big and red merino cat

I was happy to do this customer order of a big and red merino cat. [...]


Amigurumi Valentine`s Bear with a heart

Is there someone special you would like to crochet a Valentine`s bear for? [...]


Rainbow Bunny Crochet Challenge – Grande Finale!!!

Do you agree, 2021 was a busy year?! Besides all other projects, we had the [...]

Amigurumi bunny in a vest – Rainbow Bunny Crochet Challenge 12/12

This is my December bunny. The twelfth and last bunny of Amigurumi Rainbow Bunny Crochet [...]

Amigurumi fox in the winter magic

Amigurumi fox in the winter magic. It was such a beautiful crisp morning! And the [...]

Amigurumi bunny with a dress – Rainbow Bunny Crochet Challenge 11/12

This is my November bunny. The eleventh bunny of Amigurumi Rainbow Bunny Crochet Challenge 2021. [...]

Simple amigurumi Christmas bunny

I turned my spring bunny into a simple amigurumi Christmas bunny decoration. It`s only missing [...]