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Amigurumi tiger toy

Here`s an amigurumi tiger toy made as a customer order. I was so happy to [...]


Big and red merino cat

I was happy to do this customer order of a big and red merino cat. [...]


Little amigurumi kitty pattern is now free

The very first pattern I ever wrote – Little amigurumi kitty – is now available [...]

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New amigurumi lion pattern

Let me introduce you my new amigurumi lion pattern. I´ve named him Luca the Lion. [...]

Stay at home and crochet – 4 amigurumi patterns

It`s a new week and here are 4 new amigurumi patterns that will have a [...]

Amigurumi lion for baby Leo

A week ago I started making an amigurumi lion as a gift for a baby [...]

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Hilda the Ragamuffin

I´ve been wanting to crochet Hilda the Ragamuffin for a long time. So here she [...]

Your feedback means more than you know

Feedback means a lot to us, craft entrepreneurs. It`s so important to hear what people think [...]


“Crochet Kittens” amigurumi kit

I have kept this secret for so long time, but not anymore. In a co-operation [...]


Rag doll cat pattern is published

When I first published photos of my Rag doll cat in social media, I instantly [...]


Rag doll inspired cat

Sharing my first attempt of making a rag doll inspired cat. Love it`s rough and [...]


New amigurumi pattern – Meow cat

As soon as I finished my first yellow cat, I knew I want to write [...]