Rag doll cat pattern is published

rag doll cat pattern
rag doll cat pattern

When I first published photos of my Rag doll cat in social media, I instantly felt that it gained a lot more positive feedback than I expected. It`s such a simple design, but I guess it has this “something” that makes it stand out. So after being really lazy during the summer months I finally wrote the pattern in August. And it`s live now!

At the moment “Rag doll cat” pattern is available in English, Dutch, Danish and Estonian.

rag doll cat pattern
rag doll cat amigurumi pattern

The design was almost perfect from the beginning, but I wasn`t quite satisfied with the nose. I made several attempts and tried different noses, that`s why you can see that almost every cat has a different face. It was also fun to try different colors and I found some really nice combinations.

amigurumi cat pattern
rag doll cat pattern

I used mixtures of cotton and polyester for this design, but on Instagram I´ve seen some beautiful versions in woollen yarn made by my customers.

rag doll cat amigurumi pattern

You will find “Rag doll cat” pattern available in my shop here at lilleliis, but also in my pattern shops in etsy and Amigurumipatterns.

7 thoughts on “Rag doll cat pattern is published

  1. Chrisél de Beer says:

    Hallo Mari-Liis
    I bought the English pattern for the Ragdoll Cat. I paid with PayPal.
    Transaction code: 1AF178381811
    Invoice ID: lilleliis@co m87501
    I haven’t received the pattern yet. Can you please forward it to me.
    Warm regards

  2. Tgc says:

    Hello 🌸
    I would like to buy this cuties pattern but i couldn’t. I tried to buy from your website but we can’t use paypal in Turkey. How can i buy?

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