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Amigurumi bird pattern

I feel so happy to announce my new amigurumi bird pattern is completed and available [...]

Crochet bird Great Tit

I made a new crochet bird with Christmas in mind. A great tit. Want to [...]

Crochet peace dove

Let me introduce you to my new crochet peace dove. Life is full of surprises, [...]

Stupid hen pattern is here!!!

I feel super happy to announce Stupid Hen pattern is here!!!

Stupid hen no 2

Stupid hen no 2 is finished. This time, worked from the bottom up. The legs [...]


Meet stupid hen that made people smile :)

Meet stupid hen that made people smile. About a week ago I shared it on [...]


Bubo the Owl

The second animal of Amigurumi Nordic Forest Mystery CAL is revealed – meet Bubo the [...]

Sleepy owl – Cuddly Amigurumi Toys

This is Sleepy owl from the book Cuddly Amigurumi Toys. Currently the pattern is available [...]


Crochet Christmas ornaments in pink

I am super excited to feature the last color of Christmas color trends 2020. Can [...]

Discounts of this week + a new amigurumi pattern

I am super happy to share this week`s discounts with you and introduce a brand [...]


Cute crochet for Easter – little amigurumi duck – FREE PATTERN

Lots of people throughout the world are living in quarantine right now. So am I. [...]


Aww, those cute bird rattles… :)

I have some wonderful news. There is a new cute “Amigurumi bird rattle” crochet pattern [...]