Meet stupid hen that made people smile :)

stupid hen
stupid hen

Meet stupid hen that made people smile. About a week ago I shared it on my Instagram and Facebook channels. Although unfinished (it`s still missing the wings), it received a lot of love and support from my fans. Some said it`s funny, or that it made them laugh. Some said it`s beautiful in it`s imperfections, or that it doesn`t need wings at all. But mostly people said they would really want a pattern of the stupid hen.

What do you think?

Does it bring a smile on your face too?

I know people want then pattern right now, but before I can publish it, I want to make sure it works in the best way. So I´ve started a new example with which I want to test two things. First, if it`s better to work the hen from the bottom up, because the first toy was crocheted from top down. And second, I’m trying a new method of crocheting the legs and wings to the body as I go. I believe it could be a great relief for people who hate sewing the parts together. Will see if this works or not.

If you`ve tried this method, let me know in the comments about how was your experience.

amigurumi hen in progress

6 thoughts on “Meet stupid hen that made people smile :)

  1. Karen A Campbell says:

    I love stupid hen, I will certainly buy the pattern. Your patterns are wonderful.

  2. Jan smith says:

    I don’t know why, but crochet chickens always make me smile. I really can’t wait for your pattern 💐

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