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Chenille yarn Nilli Nilli

In my webshop you can now find a new chenille yarn Nilli Nilli by Ricorumi. [...]

Amigurumi panda

Here`s an amigurumi panda, finished back in January. I followed the bear pattern from my [...]

Amigurumi Valentine`s Bear with a heart

Is there someone special you would like to crochet a Valentine`s bear for?


Amigurumi beginner pattern – free and easy

Here`s another great amigurumi beginner pattern. It`s easy and available for free. Let me introduce [...]


Giant crochet teddy bear

Last week I worked on a giant crochet teddy bear. It was for Leo, the [...]


Woolen Smugly bear

Meet Smugly bear – the easiest amigurumi teddy bear I`ve ever designed. The pattern is [...]

Amigurumi patterns – baby doll, teddy Doris, tiny elephant and Woof the Dog

I am excited to introduce you 4 new amigurumi patterns of this week – my [...]

Crochet amigurumi toys – fox, bear, monkey and pacifier rattle

It`s a new week and time to introduce 4 new amigurumi patterns that will have [...]

Stay at home and crochet – 4 amigurumi patterns

It`s a new week and here are 4 new amigurumi patterns that will have a [...]

Happy Valentine`s Day!

I`m wishing you all sweet Valentine`s Day! May your day be happy and bright, I [...]


Amigurumi Cuties in different Drops yarns

I am so happy! This pattern of mine – Amigurumi Cuties – just won the [...]


Treasure the Teddy challenge – Grand Finale!!!

2019 is almost over and so is Treasure the Teddy crochet challenge, which lasted the [...]