Amigurumi Valentine`s Bear with a heart

amigurumi valentines bear
amigurumi bear with a heart

Is there someone special you would like to crochet a Valentine`s bear for?

If there is, then I have a good news for you. I have a bear pattern as well as a heart pattern, and if putting them together, you`ll get the sweetest gift for Valentines.

Sounds like something you`d like to try?

In the beginning of 2022 I finally completed an idea that haunted me for several years. I took a bear from my Amigurumi Cuties triple pattern (it includes a bunny and a puppy, too) and a little heart, and turned them into a really special Valentine`s bear. The perfect gift for a loved person.

I thought you might want to do the same, so I created this special pattern combo for a limited time.

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The bundle includes both patterns for the price of just one. Well, it actually includes even more, because within these 2 patterns you`ll get

  1. a sweet bear pattern
  2. a cute bunny pattern
  3. a lovable puppy pattern
  4. and the premium version of the little amigurumi heart pattern

Fabulous, isn`t it!

Here are some technical details:

The finished bear is approx 15 cm / 6 in tall, and in a sitting position.

The pattern is in intermediate skill level. You will only need single crochet, half double crochet, and some basic sewing skills for adding the fabric patches.

amigurumi heart pattern

What if you`ve already got those two patterns?

Then head straight to my Youtube channel to watch the video I recently made. It will show you exactly how to attach the heart between the bear`s arms.

amigurumi valentines bear

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  1. Lisa says:

    I would love to make this bear for valentines day but when I click on the link the page cannot be found (error 404)

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