Rainbow Bunny Crochet Challenge – Grande Finale!!!

crochet bunnies dressed

Do you agree, 2021 was a busy year?! Besides all other projects, we had the Rainbow Bunny Crochet Challenge running though the year. Thanks to everybody who participated, and for those too who wanted to participate but couldn`t keep up with the pace. The best of us finished all 12 bunnies. I managed 11, but I´m happy with the result :)

Let me present all bunnies in different colors made using the same pattern of Sweet Childhood Bunny.

crochet bunny january
January - light blue
amigurumi sweet childhood bunny terracotta
February - red

One of my principles is to use as much yarn I already have at home as possible. If I remember correctly I only bought yarn for 3 bunnies of 11. Also, many of my bunnies have recycled fabric patches on the ears and feet. Those come from old garments like blouses or summer skirts.

crochet bunny march
March - light green
crochet vanilla bunny
April - yellow
crochet amigurumi bunny
May - violet
crochet bunny pink
June - pink

I did skip July bunny because it was the month of summer vacation and it was a super beautiful and warm weather this year. Not feeling guilty at all because I found a great way to make it up next month. I mixed the colors of July (orange) and August (dark blue) into one incredibly sweet bunny. He`s one of my favorites of the entire challenge!

Usually I picked the yarn in the color of the month, but sometimes the color is hidden in the fabric. But then there`s September bunny who has nothing to do with the suggested color. Well, that just happened :)

crochet wool bunny
August - navy blue
september bunny amigurumi
September - brown

The bunnies of January till June are all sold and possibly living a happy life with children who love them and play with them. Therefore, it`s a pity I couldn`t take a group photo of all colorful bunnies together. It`s wonderful to have such photos of Treasure the Teddy challenge 2019. But hey, the toys belong to the children so there`s actually nothing to regret. Just hoping the rest of the bunnies will find loving homes soon.

crochet bunny october
October - purple
crochet bunnies dressed
November - light pink December - green

I decided to have a little break this year, but 2023 sounds like a great year to have a new yearlong challenge. Or what do you think?

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