Treasure the Teddy challenge – Grand Finale!!!

treasure the Teddy crochet challenge

2019 is almost over and so is Treasure the Teddy crochet challenge, which lasted the entire year. We decided to make one teddy bear every month, each time in a different color scheme for which I made an inspiration board. Our goal was to have a unique collection of 12 teddy bears in the end of the year and I am super happy for myself that I have completed my goal!!! It wasn`t always easy, but now that I see them all on one photo my heart simply jumps of joy!

treasure the Teddy crochet challenge

My personal goal was to make all teddies from yarns I already have and not to buy any new material. It went quite well, because I only bought new yarn for 2 of the teddies.

The bears turned out very different in size, because each month I used a different yarn. The smallest one (September) is only 16 cm / 6.3 in. At the same time the biggest one (February) measures 27 cm / 10.6 in.

On the photos below you`ll see the teddy bears selected by seasons. Aren`t they all so different.

crochet teddy bears
Winter - February, January and December
amigurumi teddy bears
Spring - May, March and April
lilleliis teddy bears
Summer - August, July and June
treasure the teddy pattern lilleliis
Autumn - October, September and November

Now that Treasure the Teddy challenge is over, I have two huge questions to solve. First I need to decide what to do with all those bears. I´d like to use them for the charity somehow, but haven`t yet figured out the best way to do this.

And the other thing is – me and lots of other crocheters want to have a new and inspiring challenge at 2020 too, so I must prepare something new very soon. I have a couple of ideas, but the crochet along probably won`t start before March.

2 thoughts on “Treasure the Teddy challenge – Grand Finale!!!

  1. Nicole Lambert says:

    Hi, I’ve already bougth your pretty pattern…Hilda the Ragamuffin…
    I try to subscribe at your new Walter crochet Bear without succes… thank you

    • lilleliis says:

      Nicole, I´ve checked this. You are unsuccessfully trying to subscribe because you already are in my mailing list. The free bear pattern offer is only for the new subscribers.

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