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How to cover a wooden ring with crochet fabric – tutorial (video)

You can make lots of fun baby rattles by yourself. One of the easiest ways [...]

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Yarn substitution

Today I want to talk about yarn substitution. It`s an important topic because there are [...]


How to use stitch markers in amigurumi crochet

In this post I am talking about how to use stitch markers in amigurumi crochet. [...]


How to brush amigurumi (video tutorial)

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5 treble crochet cluster – tutorial (video)

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8 useful tips for an amigurumi beginner

Hello everyone! I am Mari-Liis, the face behind lilleliis, and have been making amigurumi toys [...]


How to HDC2TOG and HDC3TOG – tutorial (video)

This is a video tutorial to show you how to decrease half double crochet stitches [...]


Crocheting amigurumi pieces together – tutorial (video)

Two or more smaller amigurumi pieces can be joined into one big piece (such as [...]


How to crochet an amigurumi piece closed – tutorial (video)

Time for a new quick video tutorial about how to crochet an amigurumi piece closed.