5 treble crochet cluster – tutorial (video)

5 treble crochet cluster how to

It`s time for a new tutorial! Today I am here to talk about working 5 treble crochet cluster.

Clusters can be used in your crochet projects for adding cute bobbles to the scarves, sweaters, etc. But not only. Recently I used this stitch to make a beak for my amigurumi owl, so it obviously has a much wider usage potential.

A cluster can be formed when working several stitches into one stitch. However, you will skip the last pull through of every one of them, and finally pull through all stitches at once.

Below you will find a short video tutorial where I am showing how the 5 treble crochet cluster can be worked in the middle of the crochet work, between double crochet stitches.

NB! In UK terms, treble crochet is equivalent to double treble (dtr).

5 treble crochet cluster tutorial

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