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Amigurumi French Bulldog pattern – Frida and Ralph

OMG, writing the pattern of Amigurumi French Bulldog took me like ages! I started designing [...]


French bulldog – new amigurumi pattern in progress

This is the new coming of my amigurumi French bulldog. This time I am planning [...]


Stripy sock puppy

Here`s a striped version of amigurumi sock puppy posted previously. It`s an awesome toy to [...]

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New freebie – amigurumi sock puppy

I believe everybody loves puppies and kittens, no matter if they`re dog or cat lovers! [...]

Discounts of this week + a new amigurumi pattern

I am super happy to share this week`s discounts with you and introduce a brand [...]


Amigurumi patterns – baby doll, teddy Doris, tiny elephant and Woof the Dog

I am excited to introduce you 4 new amigurumi patterns of this week – my [...]

Amigurumi Cuties in different Drops yarns

I am so happy! This pattern of mine – Amigurumi Cuties – just won the [...]


Amigurumi buldog – Mr Handsome

I´ve been working on an amigurumi buldog for a long time. Last summer I completed [...]

My first crochet bulldog

The story of my French bulldog goes back to 2018 when a famous Estonian  Instagrammer [...]


New amigurumi pattern – Woof the Dog

My newly published amigurumi pattern Woof the Dog is an extremely lovable puppy with big [...]

New puppy pattern under construction

You probably know I´ve been book writing during the past year. Yes, a new book [...]


Yellow puppy from Amigurumi cuties

I don`t know how it happened that I never showed this cute yellow puppy here [...]