Amigurumi patterns – baby doll, teddy Doris, tiny elephant and Woof the Dog

amigurumi crochet patterns

I am excited to introduce you 4 new amigurumi patterns of this week – my customers` favorite Cuddly baby, one of my newest designs Woof the Dog, Tiny luck elephant, and Doris the old-fashioned teddy bear in a beautiful ruffled dress.

All of them will have a 60% discount until next Monday. Let`s meet them one by one!


amigurumi pattern cuddly baby

Cuddly baby is the top 1 pattern among all amigurumi patterns I´ve ever designed. It`s the absolute favorite of customers.

The story of this baby doll goes back to 2012. I designed it for my little niece Johanna when she was born. I wanted it to be the softest and most tender doll you could ever find. I imagined her growing up accompanied by this doll. Taking it with her when she goes to bed. Feeding, cradling and putting it to sleep to learn how to take care of the baby. I believe this doll was brought to life with love and that`s the reason why it has become so popular.


Doris is a wonderful mix of modern and old-fashioned style. When you look at her without the dress, you can see an entirely modern teddy bear – cotton eye patches, pieces of fabric on her ears, panties, and shoes embellished with bows. However, when you add the romantic ruffled dress and a huge satin bow on her head, she will change completely. The dress and bow will make her look vintage, old-school.

In the online pattern I`ve made this bear with Drops Nepal. In the book Cuddly Amigurumi Toys the base yarn is the same woolen Drops Nepal, but for the dress, shoes and pants I´ve used cotton in the same weight (Drops Paris). Mixing wool and cotton gives a nice effect.

Doris is a true treasure a little girl can wish for!

doris the old-fashioned teddy girl


Tiny luck elephant is a good example of a toy that is small but doesn`t give up on the design in any aspect. I am so proud of it!

I´ve used one of my favorite techniques – using fabric on the crochet surface. I´ve covered the ears and legs with beautiful flower printed fabric (an old shirt of mine actually!) and the result is amazing.

The tiny elephant is about 9 cm (3.5 inches) tall, so it can be a key chain holder as well.

tiny luck elephant amigurumi pattern


Woof the Dog is one of my latest patterns, designed in 2019. He is a brother of Meow Cat. It happens very often to me that I work on a design and at the same time I get an idea for the next one. It`s just how my process works. So when I feel empty, like there are no ideas what to make, then I simply have to start crocheting because then new ideas will start popping up.

This puppy has a different type of muzzle. I´ve used it in my latest Luca the Lion pattern as well. It`s a flat, non-stuffed muzzle that is sewn to the face. I really like this new way of doing it, and the fresh look of toys.

Woof the Dog is wearing a crochet vest which you can use on other dolls as well. It`s really easy to make.

crochet dog pattern

STAY AT HOME AND CROCHET campaign was brought to life to relieve stress through crocheting. I believe keeping our hands busy helps us stay happier during the time we`re forced to sit at home, and feel less anxiety about the virus raving in the world.

If you`ve made something using the patterns from here, share the photos of your makes on Instagram using #stayathome, #crochetastherapy and #lilleliispattern.

Happy hooking!

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