New amigurumi lion pattern

amigurumi lion pattern

Let me introduce you my new amigurumi lion pattern. I´ve named him Luca the Lion. He is the second character in my safari animals collection.

amigurumi lion pattern

The first version of this lion was born last summer. If you remember the story about a lion made for little Leo who was going on a heart surgery then you know what I´m talking about. Only, then the lion had a different body. I was super happy with the head, and how the muzzle and the main turned out, but I wanted to try a different body shape. Well, now it`s here and I love it!

amigurumi lion tail
amigurumi crochet lion

I really like how colorful and bold this lion is. If I had a baby, I would like to fill his room with all those cool safari animals!

My lion is made with soft merino cool. His legs are covered with pieces of fabric cut out of an old soviet time shirt. I am so happy with this match. I have a softer version of Luca as well, but I will show it some other time.

amigurumi lion


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