Happy and colorful amigurumi apple

amigurumi happy apple rattle
amigurumi happy apple rattle

Something fresh and fruity is coming up. Amigurumi apple, actually baby rattle. But without handle, it`s simply a super cute fruit. Look at the friendly smile!

I chose Babytoly 100% organic cotton for making my apples. I really adore this yarn. Amazing colors (I only wish they had black too), perfect thickness, holds in good shape. It`s a pleasure to crochet if the yarn is so inspirational.

I had made a couple of red apples before. However, I was amazed by the lime green color and wanted to try a green apple too. I like it even better. I call them Granny Smith and Red Delicious! :)

Which one do you like more?

I´m finishing the pattern writing and hope to publish it next week.

2 thoughts on “Happy and colorful amigurumi apple

  1. Claire says:

    I am really excited for this pattern! They are so cute. I love the rosy cheeks on both of them. Thank you so much for these adorable patterns. Keep doing what you do!

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