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Amigurumi pony in white

The amigurumi pony in white is a customer order for a little baby girl that [...]

Ragdoll Annie from Lovable Amigurumi Toys

This is Ragdoll Annie from my book Lovable Amigurumi Toys. She is a bit vintage, [...]

Giant crochet teddy bear

Last week I worked on a giant crochet teddy bear. It was for Leo, the [...]


Amigurumi patterns – baby doll, teddy Doris, tiny elephant and Woof the Dog

I am excited to introduce you 4 new amigurumi patterns of this week – my [...]

Orange mixed with gray

I am so happy to show you my Treasure the Teddy of August. As you [...]

Rag doll inspired cat

Sharing my first attempt of making a rag doll inspired cat. Love it`s rough and [...]


Doris the old-fashioned teddy girl with the dress

I am so happy to announce I have finished the Doris pattern!

Doris the woollen teddy bear

This is Doris, my new teddy bear. I made her using one of my favourite [...]