Giant crochet teddy bear

crochet giant teddy bear

Last week I worked on a giant crochet teddy bear. It was for Leo, the boy living next door. Remember, last year I made the lion for his birthday. This year I decided to go for the size :)

crochet giant teddy bear

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This bear is a huge amount of stitches to make. I have done it twice, so this was my third giant teddy bear. The first bear is living with us, my brother`s kids have the second one, and the third one is now living at the neighbors. Leo has already become good friends with the teddy and named it after his mom.

Last week I learned something so important about teddy bears. At the same time I was crocheting the bear for Leo, my daughter Linda (13) got sick. So the little brother (11) brought her our giant bear and said it`s a doctor who will cure her. She slept several days with the bear until she started to feel better.

What I learned is that it doesn`t really matter how old you are, a toddler or a teenager, the teddy bear will always help. The teddy bear is a true friend. See my post on Instagram.

For this bear I used woolen Drops Alaska with a 3.5 mm crochet hook. He turned out slightly smaller than the previous bears but is still 58 cm in height and weighs almost 1000 grams.

crochet giant teddy bear

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  1. Robin Chasteen says:

    Where can I get the pattern for this guy. I have a couple of niece’s that would just love him.

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