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A story about a failed crochet dragon

A lot can go wrong when designing a new toy. It happened to this crochet [...]

Stay at home and crochet – week 2

Today I want to introduce 4 new patterns of STAY AT HOME AND CROCHET campaign. [...]

New teddy girls

Meet my new teddy girls!!! It all started when I saw an Instagram post by [...]


New amigurumi pattern – Meow cat

As soon as I finished my first yellow cat, I knew I want to write [...]

Kind and colorful cat

Don`t these colors just rock!!! I cannot get enough of this mustard yellow shade. It`s [...]


Polka-dot bunnies

Back in March I published my “Candy Bunny” pattern. It was a true burst of inspiration, [...]

New bunny design

Please meet Candy bunny! My new and sweet Easter inspired amigurumi design. The story of [...]

Amigurumi cows

Here I want to show you the two cows I´ve designed. The smaller one is [...]