A story about a failed crochet dragon

Crochet polka dot dragon
Crochet dragon toy

A lot can go wrong when designing a new toy. It happened to this crochet dragon who was meant to be my new book character but didn`t get a place in the book. So what went wrong with it? Well, not so much, only the legs did not work the way I wanted. All in all he looks cute and horrifying at the same time and features some great elements.

Crochet scary sweet dragon

The story goes several years back from today when I crocheted a similar dragon in purple color. It looked quite cool but I wasn`t satisfied with the legs. I thought I´d come back to this toy someday in the future.

So when I started preparing a new Estonian book, I remembered the dragon and it seemed to fit in well. I felt enthusiasm to start a new version of the toy, only chose natural beige tone this time. I was pretty confident I´d get this thing done.

Crochet dragon teeth

I worked hard on the legs and tried different options but non of them seemed to work.

Then I blaimed the yarn. I started a new version with a yarn I liked much more and tried inventing new ways for the legs. Still it didn`t look the way I hoped.

I guess I just lost the connection with the dragon. Because when I look at the photos now, I can`t see the problem. Nothing looks to be wrong, it was just my feeling.

Crochet polka dot dragon
Crochet polka dot toy

There are a couple of good news though. The idea of the dragon lead me to a new animal which I`ll talk about in some other post.

If there is someone who thinks he`s cute, then the crochet dragon is available for domestication. He turned out quite a big fellow with 42 cm (16.5 in)  on length and 16 cm (6.3 in) of height. Made with a cotton yarn with Oeko-Tex® certificate.

Crochet dragon toy

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