Amigurumi Apple Worm Rattle – New Pattern

Apple worm rattle amigurumi pattern
Apple worm rattle amigurumi pattern

New crochet pattern available! An amigurumi Apple Worm Rattle for babies.

The Inspiration of Rattle Design

Maybe you remember my Happy Apple Rattle from a few years back. Well, the new rattle is very different, although they`re both apples :)

First, the new Apple Worm Rattle is actually a rattling teething ring. I came to a clever idea of turning the wooden ring itself into an apple. I haven`t see anyone else doing this, so I thought it was unique.

The apple alone was too boring, so I added an apple worm attached to the teether. It turned out really fun I think. As there is a hole in the center of the apple, the worm can move in a out of the apple. Playful and interactive!

Apple worm rattle amigurumi pattern
Apple worm rattle amigurumi pattern

Is It Baby Safe?

I´ve done my best to make this rattle as baby safe as possible.

  • No safety eyes have been used in this design. The face is hand embroidered with yarn, so it`s soft all over.
  • The strand that holds the apple worm is long enough to allow the movement of the apple worm and short enough not to cause any harm to the baby.
  • The majority of the wooden teething ring which is one of the stiff parts in this design, is covered with soft crochet fabric. So is the rattle insert that is hidden inside the apple worm.
  • Babies tend to chew everything. If using organic cotton yarn, this shouldn`t be a problem because organic yarns have been grown without chemicals. I`ve used Anchor Organic Cotton that has a GOTS certificate meaning it`s the most eco-friendly yarn you can buy.
amigurumi apple worm rattle
apple worm teething ring crochet

Great project for using yarn leftover

For this crochet rattle I have used 7 colors of yarn. You can narrow it down to 4 if making a mono-colored apple worm, but I can guarantee you the colorful worm looks so much more amusing.

I measured the yarn consumption while crocheting. You will need less than 5 grams of yarn for the cover of the apple. Only 1-2 grams of yarn is needed for the apple stem, the leaf, and all the segments of the body. This makes it a great project for using yarn leftover.

The total yardage of this project is somewhere around 15 grams of yarn. Isn`t it amazing! With so little yarn you can create such a gift for a baby!

The new amigurumi Apple Worm Rattle pattern is currently available in English, but more languages will be added soon.

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