Leena – my new amigurumi doll

Crochet doll in wool skirt

Leena is another character for the new Estonian amigurumi book that will be published in September. First time I shared a photo of her in summer 2022. Can you believe it takes so long time to make a book?

Well, I shared the photo of her on Instagram when I was feeling really low. I had made many examples of new toys for the new book, but did not know if they were really worthy. To be honest, there were days when I thought everything I had made was a piece of s..t.

But I was surprised when people started asking for a pattern and really showed their admiration towards this doll. It was one of the moments that helped me pull myself together and keep working towards the goal of finishing the designs.

Leena is inspired by a girl seen in a movie. I didn`t like the movie, but the idea of the little girl kept swirling in my head.

Crochet doll in wool skirt
Crochet doll socks shoes

The girl in the movie had short hair. I think she even had a little hair clip holding the fringe  neatly in place. She had a skirt made of tweed or some other strong fabric. She was wearing white socks and black shoes with low heels. She was a slum girl, a little smudgy, playing on the streets.

I made the shoes without heels, but I tried to keep the rest as it was. I worked the most on the skirt. Wanted to do it somehow differently and was super happy when I discovered a way to make it look like it had pleats.

Crochet doll in wool skirt
Crochet doll in wool skirt

The doll is made with cotton yarn. The hair is woolen. The skirt is made of mixtures of fibers where wool and alpaca give the hairyness. I love the contrast of rough woolen skirt and golden elements on her hair and shoes.

This is the very first sample of Leena doll and she is available for adoption. I hope to start an English pattern of her soon.

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