Stay at home and crochet – week 2

amigurumi patterns by lilleliis

Today I want to introduce 4 new patterns of STAY AT HOME AND CROCHET campaign. It was brought to life to relieve stress through crocheting. I believe keeping our hands busy helps us stay happier during the time we`re forced to sit at home and feel less anxiety about the virus raving in the world.

All these patterns will have 60% discount until next week. Stay at home, crochet, and keep calm!


amigurumi bird baby rattle

Bird rattle is my newest baby teething ring design and I´m happy the pattern has already become so popular. It`s a wonderful gift for newborns and a great little thing to make if you`re selling handmade items on craft markets. Soon it`s Easter, so you might as well use this little bird design to bring some spring vibes to your home!


amigurumi pillow bear

If you`re searching for a different kind of amigurumi bear pattern, then Pillow bear might be the one you`re looking for. He is unique because of the pillow-shaped body, whimsical eyes made of yarn, and crochet doilies on his body. He`s flat and soft and super cute!


amigurumi rabbit pattern

Long-ear Rabbit is in boy`s clothing, but actually it`s a great basic amigurumi bunny pattern if you want to invent different clothing yourself. Add fabric patches to the ears and choose matching colors for the sweater and trousers to get the best result.


amigurumi cow pattern

This week I tried to choose patterns that would fit with the coming Easter. For some reason, I felt that this baby Spotty the Cow needs to be here as well. Perhaps it`s the polka dots that reminded me the colorful eggs. Anyway, it`s a great project if you want to challenge yourself in combining the colors, plus it`s a gorgeous gift for babies.

All these patterns will have a discount only for a week. New patterns coming next Monday.

If you`ve picked some from here, share the photos of your makes on Instagram using #stayathome, #crochetastherapy and #lilleliispattern.

Happy hooking!

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