Amigurumi lion for baby Leo

A week ago I started making an amigurumi lion as a gift for a baby boy living next door. His name is Leo and he turned 1 yesterday. Leo has had heart problems since the day he was born. Soon he’ll have to go through a tough surgery. I crocheted this lion in a hope it will give him courage and strenght to keep his little heart going. Hopefully the future brings him health, joy and lots of exciting adventures.

I`m crossing my fingers for you, little man :)

amigurumi lion in progress
crochet lion
amigurumi lion tail

I have dreamt of making an amigurumi lion for ages. I`m so happy with how his face turned out. I really wanted to try something different, not the regular muzzle plus embroidered nose version.

amigurumi lion head muzzle
amigurumi lion body

Perhaps he could have “owned” a different body shape. As an alternative I was considering the body type of “Amigurumi cuties”. I´m still not quite convinced if this was the best solution. But it`s cute and baby friendly, so it was the best option for little Leo.

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One thought on “Amigurumi lion for baby Leo

  1. Veronika says:

    Hi Lileliis,
    Lion is so cute, I love it so much.
    I pray it helpfs the little baby boy.
    May I ask if the pattern is available?
    I would be happy to get it.

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