Amigurumi pony in white

amigurumi pony pattern
amigurumi pony pattern

The amigurumi pony in white is a customer order for a little baby girl that hasn`t yet been born. Her mother loves horses and does riding.

I haven`t made this pony for ages so I was very eager to get started. The design belongs to my early years, and is also included in the first pattern book Magical Amigurumi Toys. A downloadable pattern can also be found in my shop (updated 2021!).

First I started searching in my photo library to see which color combinations I had done before. It was a huge surprise to discover that during all the years I have only made 2 ponies of the type. Both beige. The good news is, there are so many colors I haven`t yet tried :)

I wanted to use this awesome yarn for the mane. It`s Hjertegarn Hjerte Cotton Flamme. I´ve had it for ages, probably bought for making doll hair. When normally effect yarns similar to this mostly consist of synthetic material, this one is an exception. It`s 83% cotton, and only 17% of nylon. And let me assure you – you can feel it! Such a soft natural touch.

amigurumi crochet pony pattern
crochet pony pattern

The blue color of the mane resonated well with white. I chose 100% softest merino wool for the body. The beige details, beautiful flower-printed fabric, and a ribbon of cotton lace later added a bit a vintage touch that I love so much.

She looks so charming and tender. Hopefully the baby and her mother will love this gift.

pony girl amigurumi pattern

If you want to make an amigurumi pony, don`t be afraid of the pattern being too complicated. It`s actually much simpler than it looks on the photo. I really want to encourage you to try it. Especially if you love ponies and horses!

amigurumi pony pattern

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