Crochet amigurumi toys – fox, bear, monkey and pacifier rattle

lilleliis amigurumi patterns

It`s a new week and time to introduce 4 new amigurumi patterns that will have a 60% discount until next Monday. This time I´ve chosen a monkey, a fox, one of the teddy bears of course, and a pacifier rattle pattern.

amigurumi fox pattern


I know many of you have waited for Mystique the Fox pattern to appear in this discount. Here it is!

I totally adore this toy and consider it one of the best things I have ever designed. Did you know the fox version wasn`t the first one I made? In the book Cuddly Amigurumi Toys you will find Sparkle the Reindeer with golden antlers and cute spots covering the entire body. They share the same basic concept and body shape.

In the fox pattern, I first used amigurumi brushing technique. This helps you to achieve a fluffy and gorgeous tail.


Often when people ask for my recommendations for the beginners, I advise them to start with Smugly bear.

This teddy bear is really easy to make because you only need single crochet. It has the simplest body shape, also there is no difficult sewing techniques required.

If you are afraid of using the fabric you can simply skip it and still get the cutest bear.

People tend to think that making small amigurumis is easier than making big ones. I don`t agree. In my opinion the middle size is the best and that`s exactly why I think Smugly bear is a really good pattern to start with.

amigurumi smugly bear pattern


This is Monkey girl – the pattern is also in the book Magical Amigurumi Toys.

Instead of the usual muzzle + safety eyes, this monkey pattern includes an entirely different way of making the face. It is combined of pieces cut out of fabric and felt. You will get an amazing result if using pieces of your child`s old garment.

It`s a great pattern for those who do not have safety eyes because here plastic pearls are used instead.

Another thing that really makes this monkey irresistible is the way her tail can be attached to the body. Isn`t she playful!


If you`re a crocheter, there`s nothing cooler than making handmade gifts for your friends` newborns. It`s great to start with something little like this pacifier rattle. If the kid grows, you can make teddies and bunnies for his/her next birthdays.

Designing cute and comfortable baby rattles is very different from designing crochet toys. I haven`t done many rattle designs, but all of them are special because I´ve tried to invent something unique.

Designing rattles challenges you in a completely new way because there are specific expectations on the size, colors etc. Plus, it simply must have this x-factor for anyone to even notice the design. I believe this rattle totally has the x-factor!

amigurumi pattern pacifier rattle

STAY AT HOME AND CROCHET campaign was brought to life to relieve stress through crocheting. I believe keeping our hands busy helps us stay happier during the time we`re forced to sit at home, and feel less anxiety about the virus raving in the world.

If you`ve made something using the patterns from here, share the photos of your makes on Instagram using #stayathome, #crochetastherapy and #lilleliispattern.

Happy hooking!

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