Amigurumi Cuties in different Drops yarns

amigurumi toys

I am so happy! This pattern of mine – Amigurumi Cuties – just won the Pattern Of The Month title at LoveCrafts. I am so thankful for those who woted for my design!

The pattern is from the year 2013. Can you believe this!!! At the end of 2019 I updated the layout, but still, it`s got quite old photos and the manner of writing the patterns. However, I still enjoy every bits of the design. I have made those bunnies in tens of different color combinations and never got bored. And when I did get a little bored, I designed teddy and puppy and kept crocheting.

So yes, this pattern includes instructions for all 3 animals. Find Amigurumi Cuties pattern in English and Dutch here. And scroll down if you want to read about my experiences with different Drops yarns I used for making these amigurumis.

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amigurumi toys
crochet bunny pattern
amigurumi dog puppy pattern

In the original pattern, I used Drops Lima – a very soft mixtures of wool and alpaca. For these new versions of the toys you can see on the photo, I tried different yarns by the same Norwegian manufacturer.

The puppy is made using Drops Merino Extra Fine. He turned out the smallest one in this set. I´d say it`s the same thickness as Lima (DK or light worsted), but even softer because it`s pure merino wool. And as an extra bonus it`s a superwash and perfect for babies.

The bunny is made of a little thicker (aran weight) Big Merino. Again, it`s superwash and very soft merino wool.

For teddy I used one of my favourites of all times – Drops Nepal. It`s a mixtures of wool and alpaca, just like Lima, but in aran weight. So the bunny and teddy are pretty much in the same size.

Overall, if I had to make a toy for a baby, I´d go for Merino Extra Fine. It`s super soft, smooth and even. But if I was looking for more rough characteristics, I´d pick Nepal. Due to alpaca it`s more hairy, but that`s what makes this yarn special.

crochet amigurumi bunny

One more thing. There are more cuties coming very soon. I´ve designed new animals based on the same model and we`ll start making them together, so it will be 3-months crochet along. Keep your eyes open!

amigurumi animals pattern
amigurumi bear pattern

4 thoughts on “Amigurumi Cuties in different Drops yarns

  1. Ana says:

    Thank you soo much for shere this lovely..I really happy on be part of this Safari Travel . I never tought I will foud so meny beautiful people crocheting amigurumis
    Greetings from Mexico Ana

  2. Lesley Wilcox says:

    I love your patterns They make such beautiful toys
    Looking forward to the 3 month crochet along
    Best wishes from Dubbo Australia 🇦🇺

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