New amigurumi pattern – Woof the Dog

amigurumi dog pattern

My newly published amigurumi pattern Woof the Dog is an extremely lovable puppy with big ears and cute hand stitched eye patch. I love his new type of muzzle that doesn`t need any stuffing and is easy to sew on the face.

The dog itself works up using only single crochet, for the vest you`ll need half double crochet too. The overall skill level of the pattern is intermediate.

crochet dog pattern
crochet vest for toys

His head has the same shape as Meow cat, but the body is made longer and legs shorter. For me they`re still the same family :) I´ve used a piece of an old men`s shirt on his tummy. Still love combining crochet surface with fabric.

amigurumi puppy back view
woof the dog pattern

I just have to say a few words about the vest too. Several years ago I made a teddy bear named Juulius with a vest like this. I loved it a lot and always thought that some day I´ll write a pattern of him with this cool vest. Well, that day never came. But I´m happy I could use the idea on Woof the Dog, because that vest makes him very handsome!

DISCOVER Woof the Dog pattern

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