Dandelion – Treasure the Teddy of May

Here is my Treasure the Teddy of May! I am so proud of her. It’s not only that I like how she turned out, I’m also proud of myself for not going to the store to buy new yarn for her.

I promised myself in the beginning of this challenge to do my best to make all 12 bears from the yarn leftover I have in the house. In April I couldn`t resist buying a beautiful salad green yarn as I was so longing for green which I didn`t find from my yarn stash. In May I was stronger. I used my brain and intuition to stick to the color scheme in a more creative manner.

I decided to add yellow touches with fabric and eye patches, and chose an off-white Drops Lima for the main color. That worked perfectly, because in combination with yellow the yarn kind of got a little yellowish shade.

I named her Dandelion. In this sky blue backround she reminds me a field of Dandelions in a sunny summer day.

I finished my Dandelion bear already in the middle of the month. I had photos taken and I was going to write this blog post when suddenly… My computer crashed!!! This is one of the worst experiences I´ve had during my crafty life. I lost everything I had written and photographed during 2019. I even had one brand new pattern in my computer, waiting to be sent to the tester. Unfortunately I will have to start over with it :(

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