French bulldog – new amigurumi pattern in progress

amigurumi french bulldog
amigurumi french bulldog

This is the new coming of my amigurumi French bulldog. This time I am planning to write a pattern for sure!

First, I will have to crochet a couple of versions to see if everything I´ve written down actually works the way it has to. Only then I can start taking photos of the entire process. Ohhh, writing a high-quality amigurumi pattern isn`t that simple at all!

Would you like some video tutorials as well? I haven`t yet figured out how I should make those…

This bulldog design uses working with two colors at once technique. It`s definitely something that needs to be practiced. I have improved my skills during the previous year. Now it looks quite nice already.

amigurumi french buldog
amigurumi french bulldog

I used aran weight merino wool for my puppy. I really like how it works together with cotton I´ve used for the vest and the tie.

The sample dog is 26 cm / 10.2 inches in height.

amigurumi french buldog
amigurumi french bulldog

Let me practice some more so I can publish the pattern for you very soon :) A girl version is already on my hook.

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12 thoughts on “French bulldog – new amigurumi pattern in progress

  1. Maritza Segura says:

    Una admiradora de su trabajo, me encantaría realizar el Bull dog frances, para regalárselo a mi sobrino por su cumpleaños.

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