Felix the Frog – top amigurumi freebie

felix the frog amigurumi free pattern

There`s no doubt, Felix the Frog definitely is one of my top amigurumi freebies. I have seen hundreds of them posted on Instagram. People are loving this pattern and this makes me extremely happy!

amigurumi pattern free felix the frog

I decided to make a new version of Felix because I hadn`t crocheted him for a while. Also, I made some small updates in the pattern and hope it`s even better now.

This time I added little pink cheeks and included the instructions in the English pattern. I have previously used cheeks cut out of felt or fabric. That always works nicely too.

Instead of the satin ribbon I used a ribbon of cotton fabric. I like to tear it to get the rough edges.

felix the frog amigurumi free pattern
felix the frog amigurumi free pattern

I think Felix is the perfect size and shape for smaller children. He has no safety eyes. Instead, the eyes and pupils are crocheted, so this makes him an entirely soft and secure toy for babies.

Have fun with the free pattern available in English, Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian and Estonian.

One thought on “Felix the Frog – top amigurumi freebie

  1. Michelle says:

    I have a great niece that loves frogs and I would love to be able to make this for her for her

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