How to starch crochet motifs – TUTORIAL (+ video)

This video tutorial is about how to starch crochet motifs. The link to the video is included below, so scroll down if you want to get to the point ASAP.

It is one of the questions I often get from people using my crochet motif patterns. So I thought it needed a little explanation and a quick video example of how it`s done.

Is starching crochet motifs necessary at the first place?

Well, my experience shows that this depends on how you`re going to use the motifs. I mostly use them for making garlands and there I would say starching is almost inevitable.

It leaves the motifs flat and strong. This gives a better look for a much longer period.

Whether starching is needed somewhat depends on the shape of the motifs too. For example, I have a garland made for my son which has several star motifs. At first it looked nice, but after a few months the tips of the stars started to curl and that didn`t look good at all. So in this case I´d say starching would have been inevitable to maintain the shape of the appliques.

Tutorial how to starch crochet motifs

What you´ll need for starching?

  1. A spray starch (I´m using 2-in-1 Spray Starch with Easy Iron by DYLON)
  2. A piece of cotton gauze cloth for covering the motif while ironing
  3. An iron

How it works?

  1. Heat up the iron
  2. Spray the spray starch onto the back side of the motif and cover it with a dry gauze cloth.
  3. Iron for about 10-30 seconds until the piece is dry.

Learn in 90 seconds how it works! In this video tutorial I am starching my new bear motif.

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