5 creative ideas to use crochet Christmas tree motif

crochet Christmas tree motif

My Christmas tree motif has been a hit since the pattern was released in 2017. I believe it`s because of its versatility.

Hereby I want to show you 5 creative ways of using this simple motif for creating Christmas decorations.

OPTION 1 – a rope + mini clothespins

crochet Christmas tree motif

Attaching the tree motifs on a rope with mini clothespins is the simplest version of making a garland, and it has some great advantages. For example, the motifs won`t be attached permanently which means you can remove them and use in some other way if you like to. Or you can change the interspace between the trees.

Next year you can glue the trees on a postcard for example.

OPTION 2 – buttons and ribbons

crochet ornaments on a rope

Another stunning version of adding the trees on a rope or a strand. Choose buttons and ribbons that best match with your intention. They can be in the same color as the trees (like in my example) or in a contrasting color to stand out. Remember that golden buttons give an entirely different vibe than wooden buttons.

OPTION 3 – glamorous golden yarn

crochet scandinavian style christmas garland

If you ask me, the golden yarn version is my favorite. No other color gives such glamorous, festive result.

Basically, you will crochet a long chain and, with a certain interval, add pre-made trees to the chain. It`s not complicated at all.

You can check out Ricorumi Lamé glitter yarn in gold and silver.

NB! Golden stems of the trees look fabulous too!

OPTION 4 – tree ornaments as gift decorations

You can decorate gifts with tree motifs. They look especially nice with a small wooden pearl added on top.

Attach the ornament to a gift, so the receiver can put it on a tree after unwrapping the package.

OPTION 5 – use your imagination

christmas crochet ideas

Use tree motifs as a part of a bigger decoration or a set. Here I have added the tree to a little wooden wreath. With a ribbon tied on top and a little wooden bead added to the tree, it looks absolutely divine.

The pattern of Christmas tree garland is written in 8 languages. It`s currently available in English (US), Spanish, German, Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Estonian.

You only need to know single crochet for making it!

More info here.

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