How to attach yarn into leftover front loops

how to attach yarn in leftover front loops in crochet

In this crochet tutorial I am showing how to attach the yarn into leftover front loops.

It`s one of the basic techniques in amigurumi you can use on many different toys. It lets you add another unremovable layer to a piece or a body part you`ve already crocheted. For example when you want to add a skirt or a collar to a doll.

Keep in mind that the skirt or a collar won`t be removable. If you want to add a removable skirt, you have to crochet it separately and not use this technique.

How to attach yarn into leftover front loops

To be able to add the additional layer, you must at some point leave front loops of one round unworked. You will need these loops to attach the yarn for creating a new layer.

In my example below, I am working on a body piece. I have skipped first loops at one round and will now start crocheting a pink skirt around the body.

Here`s how I am attaching the yarn to the leftover front loops:

Hold the piece upside down. Insert your hook in the first leftover front loop, fold the yarn over at about 4” / 10 cm from the tail and use the hook to pull it through the leftover front loop.

attach yarn in front loops crochet
attach yarn in front loops crochet

This is usually followed by a chain stitch to secure the yarn. One or more chain stitches are also needed to prepare for continuing with single crochet or double crochet.

attach yarn in front loops crochet

Now that the yarn is attached, you can start working single crochet or double crochet around the piece to create a new layer.

Here you can see some examples of where and how I´ve used this technique:

little ballerina bunny amigurumi pattern

The skirt is crocheted using this technique

Find free pattern here

meow cat girl amigurumi

The white collar and edging of the top are crocheted using this technique

Find pattern here

big amigurumi pig

The lower part of the dress is crocheted using this technique

Pattern in the book Cuddly Amigurumi Toys


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