How to brush amigurumi (video tutorial)

brushed amigurumi tutorial

This video tutorial is about how to brush amigurumi.

Did you know woolen amigurumi parts can be brushed to create a fluffy hairy look?

This is done using a pet brush you can buy in a pet store. The technique is pretty simple but enables to create really lifelike animals, or simply add some effect to your amigurumis.

how to brush amigurumi


  • a pet brush
  • an amigurumi part made with wool, merino, or acrylic



  • Start brushing at the top of the piece, and slowly move down as the work progresses.
  • Use short movements and a reasonable amount of force when working. It will take about 10 strokes for the fluff to start to come up.
  • The more you brush, the fluffier it gets.
  • You can later trim the fluff with scissors and give it your desired shape.



  • Because of the extreme hairy texture, fluffy amigurumi doesn`t suit babies!

And now, let`s get into the video to learn how to brush amigurumi. As always, I´ve tried to make as quick and effective tutorial as I can, so you will easily get the idea of how it works. This time, only in 3 minutes!

2 thoughts on “How to brush amigurumi (video tutorial)

  1. Linda Marsee says:

    I just discovered a way to brush instead of a pet brush. A velcro hair roller works great and is easier on the hands. Plus you don’t have to remove a wire bristle from your foot when the pet brush starts to fall apart!

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