How to embroider sleepy eyes to amigurumi – Tutorial (video)

How to embroider sleepy eyes to amigurumi

Searching for a good technique how to embroider sleepy eyes on amigurumi? Let me show you mine.

Embroidered eyes are soft and considered more baby safe than using safety eyes or buttons. But there is a big BUT. If done clumsily, it can ruin the whole toy. That`s why it is worth the effort to learn how to do it beautifully.

In this video tutorial I am showing how I´m embroidering sleepy eyes on my new Carrot-pants Bunny. It took me years to develop my own method for doing this. And if this works for me, it might work for you as well.

What you`ll need for this is:

  • a strand of iris thread,
  • a sharp pointed embroidery needle or a long doll needle that is comfortable pulling in and out of the head.

Let`s get straight to it!

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